Monday, February 2, 2004

Wasting Time (to remember things)

15 years ago (from today) I...
1. to be the red flower in my first ballet recital.
2. ...missed my "big white house" back in Winnetka.
3. ...had to forfeit position as baby of the family with the birth of a cousin.
4. ...had my first argument with my mom.
5. ...was told by "Big Amy", big because she was two years older than me, that she would give me her little sister. Turns out she didn't even have one.

10 years ago, I...
1. ...founded the Recycling Club on the Cincinnati Av/Orchard Av block of Lebanon.
2. ...told my parents I kicked a boy at school in "the family jewels"
3. ...ate leftska (sp?) for the first time
4. ...beat Paul Revelson in the times table competition on Halloween. (They'd be talking for years)
5. ...made a tobbogan out of construction paper with Polly.

5 years ago, I...
1. tripped running the 400 dash and still have the char in my leg to prove it.
2. ...made the biggest friendship mistake yet.
3. ...did my algebra homework every night on a card table in our living room, listening to Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour.
4. ...traveled to Washington DC with my entire eighth grade class.
5. ...would walk downtown in the spring after school to get an ice cream soda at The Ice Cream Parlor and then go to the library and do homework.

3 years ago, I...
1. layers in my hair.
2. my lisence, despite almost being hit by tow truck at left turn onto... (what's that street, L-Towners, that Holbrook is on? right by Kidd Coffee??)
3. ...made the bestest friend I'd had yet.
4. ...began looking at schools.
5. ...kept a secret from everyone because I knew life was going to be harder.

1 year ago, I...
1. ...spent a weekend in Disney World, and then back home playing in the snow.
2. ...decided to go to Northwestern.
3. ...was overcome by second semester senior year depression (ie: I gave up in class and wanted to get away)
4. ...learned, while walking through the streets of Avignon, I am the only person I can depend on.
5. ...realized an afternoon spent reading in the sun and wrapped up in someone's arms can be more amazing than anything else.

Yesterday, I...
1. ...stayed up too late for my own good.
2. ...bonded with the new exec at Giordano's.
3. ...cheered on No Matt No at Titanic.
4. ...spent an amazing afternoon with Jess and Bryan at the lake, fighing windblown sand and standing on barbed-wire fences in the rain and lightning.
5. ...applauded for my favorite professor yet.

Today, I...
1. ...decided not to work at the elementary school.
2. ...allowed myself to sleep in.
3. ...reread Laura Mulvey's essay on Visual Pleasure.
4. ...looked at Bryan's photographs.
5. ...seethed while sitting through pointless class.

Tomorrow, I...
1. ...will work on my gender studies paper that I have yet to starting writing.
2. ...will double check and make sure all DM money is turned in.
3. ...will go to Lane Fenrich's fireside.
4. ...will hug someone who I love.
5. ...will turn in that French project I have yet to start.

5 games I like:
1. Tennis
2. Taboo
3. Euchre
4. Life
5. Compatability

5 things I'd buy with $1000 are...
1. A trip to southern France.
2. New shoes.
3. A video camera.
4. A personal trainer.
5. Tickets to things I will end up spending money on.

My top 5 musicians right now are...
1. Queen.
2. The Beatles.
3. Johnny Cash.
4. The Flaming Lips.
5. Rooney/Maroon 5/Norah Jones.

3 bad habits that I have are...
1. hypersensitivity
2. procrastination
3. insomnia

4 different places I've lived include...
1. Winnetka, IL
2. Lebanon, OH
3. Evanston, IL
4. C'est tout.

My top 3 biggest worries at the moment are...

My top 5 biggest joys at the moment are...
1. Getting to see Michel Godry and Charlie Kaufman and an amazing movie TONIGHT.
2. My Mario wristband.
3. Yesterday's storm and rainbow.
4. Friends who I love.
5. Getting to relax in t-minus 15 days.

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