Monday, February 16, 2004

One Promised Sappy Entry, Dedicated to Amy T

She let down her hair and put her foot out the window. She talked about it briefly, "You know, why don't people put their feet out the window more often?" I agreed and when I looked over again, hers were dangling, blocking the side mirror.

Just another lazy humid Ohio afternoon. We had promised earlier we wouldn't get ice cream. We laughed about the prospect of college as we pulled through the Dairy Queen window for the second time that day.

Finding ways to amuse ourselves, we grabbed tape decks and danced to Boys II Men, reliving our childhoods and eagerly anticipating mid-September.

We covered the Beetle in words, just to get reactions. A small success. We secretly hung outside the school, completely conspicious in our Vapor vehicle, and waited for siblings.

Along the creek, we stopped for breath before we ran down the stairs, our legs screaming with pride and pain. One unplanned night under the stars in the water and one on the porch in anger. We drove for miles without getting to that rundown barn...but we had our feet hanging out the window, the self-help tapes blaring in the deck, and one small soft serve in each of our hands. We were just fine.

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