Friday, June 27, 2008


I must apologize to any of my friends and readers who have come here expecting updates on Bachelorette stuff, life in general, or more on how weird Europe is. I’ve been in the thick of a big move, packing and cleaning like the crazy woman I am. I don’t know how I’ve managed to accumulate so many possessions that happen to be so difficult to pack (fondue pots and pussywillow, for example), but I am learning much about how few books can fit into a box before it finally tears apart in protest.

With John’s family coming in town and a Spanish cake to bake this weekend in celebration of the Euro Cup, a trip to Six Flags for a pseudo-nephew’s birthday and then a two-part move that will wind up on Tuesday evening, I hope to update as frequently as I can and hope you understand! In the meantime, I’ll be here in Chicago in the throes of moving emotion and subsequently collapsing.




Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mega Questions

Dear Friends,

I am faced with a tough decision in the coming days. In mid-July I’ll need to drive a U-Haul from Cincinnati to Chicago stuffed with furniture. This situation of course means I cannot drive the brave little Beetle to Cincinnati and leaves me all sorts of planes, trains and automobuses to consider taking there. I’ve most recently seriously considered taking the notorious Megabus.

So, my question is this: Do I take a Megabus from Chicago to Cincinnati? I’ve heard mixed things—that the buses arrive heinously late, that it’s efficient, that it’s better to spend the money getting there some other way, and that it’s a great deal. Can anyone offer me advice?

I am,

Gratefully yours J


Monday, June 23, 2008

DeAnna the Drama Mama


I don't know about you guys, but I'm duh-rama'd out. I only saw half the show this evening as I just returned from a lovely wedding in Ohio (congratulations Allyson and Josh!). Thus, I cannot justly update until I watch the full thing tomorrow evening... after a good night's sleep for clear thoughts.

In the meantime, I highly encourage you to visit Graham's website, forwarded to me from a wonderful commenter. Many mysteries are solved. For example: Graham played basketball in Germany, not in the United States! Now you know why you never saw him before now.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Edgewater Dinner Crawl

Hey northside Chicago readers,
Wanted to give you a heads-up to a great event happening in Edgewater next week. The Historic Edgewater Dinner Crawl is on Thursday, June 26th and for $25, you’ll get a tasting from fourteen different neighborhood restaurants (listed below). You’ll also get a free subscription to Time Out Chicago included with your ticket purchase. Pretty cool. For tickets, sign up here.

Participating Restaurants:
Apart Pizza
Anna Held
Ben's Noodle & Rice
Bryn Mawr Deli
Cotes du Rhone
Flourish Bakery Cafe
Francesca's Bryn Mawr
Shinobu Japanese
Sweet Occasions & more
That Little Mexican Cafe
The Little India Restaurant

Participating Businesses:
Salon Echo - hand & chair massages
Holsten Real Estate - tours of historic Bryn Mawr & Belle Shore buildings
Red Bull - roving representatives distributing their product

Event Sponsors:
Francesca's Restaurants
Holsten Real Estate Development Corporation
The New Admiral at the Lake
Bridgeview Bank
BLUEWATER5440 Condominiums


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Other countries continue to confuse me

Apparently it's The United States is Like This and Everyone Else is Like That Week. The lessons keep coming.

While Americans might feature children playing in streets to stop speeding, or photos of cut-up unborn babies to curb abortions (I know, because a whole lot of those signs got put up outside my window on a hot, muggy July day last year. Thanks for the nightmares, church across the street!), the French use refined fashion icons like Karl Lagerfeld to get the point across about... well, I'm not sure about what actually. Safety vests?

Still, just like that Russian video, I have many questions, like:

  • Isn't Karl Lagerfeld German?
  • Are those OJ Simpson gloves?
  • Are all French people supposed to wear safety vests everywhere they go now?
  • Is this viral marketing for French first lady Carla Bruni's newest album?
  • Or, why not just use Provencal fashion designer Christian Lacroix's out-there designs to stop traffic? Believe me, it'll work. See below.

((Translation: It's yellow, it's ugly, it doesn't go with anything, but it can save your life.))


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Drive-in Gods Smile Upon Chicagoland

Hallelujah, and thank God Almighty! Sonic is finally arriving to Chicagoland. No more suffering through the bitter irony of Chicagoan TJ Jagodowski telling me how great their shakes are when I couldn’t drive to get one. I KNOW, TJ. STOP TAUNTING ME! Gosh.

If I drove to Wheaton this weekend to get window sashes, I can drive to Aurora to get a limeade. Mmm, limeade… [Trib]


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

British Tailgating Checklist


Fresh flowers


Porcelain cups and/or fine glassware

...personally, I'd be chuffed to be there.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Live Blogging: The Bachelorette: And Then There Were Six

I couldn't possibly recap the DeAnna Tells All hour long extravaganza. So let's just say this much:

  • DeAnna, as my roommate pointed out, talked about every man but one in PAST tense. Did you notice which one?
  • Sean owns too many shoes.
  • I found no reason to trust Graham Man yet.

Now onto the real show. Here we all are--six men, DeAnna, Chrissy boy Harrison, and America. Chris tells us that no roses will be given on any of the dates this time, but good news! We're all going to beautiful Palm Springs!

Jesse thanks DeAnna profusely for having given so much thought and slaving over the phone to make all these wonderful arrangements for all of them! DeAnna is so thoughtful to have pitied their poor souls and given them a real house. Poor Jesse, just like Pinnochio. Aw, snap! says Jesse.

Date with Sean
Sean, let's take our relationship to new heights!

Sean says he's a Kentucky race horse. He hung back, and now he's ready to make his move to win the race. To start off their date, DeAnna and Sean go up a sheer cliff in a Willy Wonka machine. For having survived the journey, they get to have dinner at the top of the mountain. If Sean fairs well enough through dinner, DeAnna will invite him back to her suite for dessert. Sean will undoubtedly see this as something like the garland of roses at the end of the Derby, and he'll trot around happily with his new coif.

At dinner, Sean tells DeAnna he never took a risk in the love department before because it's scary you can get hurt. He also confuses his Kentucky race horse metaphor, adding that he's like the race horse who would rather walk around with a loaded gun than no gun at all. It's times like these I wish that Chris would return and explain everything to us.

DeAnna invites Sean back to her suite. Sean says it's time for him to make his move.

DeAnna tells us that Sean has a lot to offer. Sean tells DeAnna that if she came to his hometown, the whole process would be over for her. Sean complains to DeAnna about how tough it is to see her on other one-on-one dates. They snuggle in the hammock while DeAnna says she needed tonight to get to know him. Sean calls DeAnna baby a lot while he licks his lips in between kisses. Flashes of Top Chef?

Generic "We're Having Fun in the Sun" Group Date

Poor, poor Twigs. He tells us that he's having a really tough time. Each time he thinks he's got something figured out, DeAnna throws him another curve ball. He doesn't understand her decisions.

When a helicopter shows up, all the guys are burned to discover it's meant specially for Twigs and DeAnna. It's just the chance Twigs needed! Except that Twigs gets motion sickness. Twigs thinks there's a conspiracy among the ABC producers who want him to throw up on her. I'm inclined to agree with him.

Out in some unknown desert where the 'copters drop them off, the boys and DeAnna ride ATVs. DeAnna explains that riding 4-wheelers is what happens back home. Like, some people eat dinner, others go to the movies, but in DeAnnaville, we ride all-terrain vehicles. Duh.

(Back at the house, Jeremy shows off his abs. End scene.)

Twigs is off by himself on the 4-wheelers. DeAnna thought that Jesse was hot because of the way he "manhandled" his 4-wheeler. Um, except for that time that he wiped out and some female on-site producer half-heartedly asks if he's okay. Then, poor Twigs get left behind while everyone else goes to play in the pool.

Emotions run in different directions at the pool party. Graham can't wait to have some more fun. Jason thinks he gets lost in the crowd. Towels get totally soaked because probably that same lackadaisical on-site producer left them lying right next to the water.

DeAnna and Jason talk about what it would be like to meet Jason's family. Good feelings are shared, and DeAnna says that Jason has all the qualities she looks for in someone to be her husband.

Jesse breaks up Jason and DeAnna with a strange cut-in where Jason kisses DeAnna goodbye while Jesse drags her away.

Jesse and DeAnna hold hands under the table, and DeAnna confesses how much she wishes Jesse would kiss her. Jesse freaks out and doesn't go for it. Jason tells Graham how Jesse was "that guy" who cut in on his time. Graham subsequently gets up to, um, be "that guy."

Jason continues to muse with Twigs. "Do you not see the connection between Graham and DeAnna?" Smart man.

Graham drags DeAnna to cuddle into a hammock, which really can't be too comfortable. Rope burn. Graham talks a lot. "You're going on a road trip! You're going to like my family! My family is going to like you! You won't believe it!" DeAnna pouts her lips, bats her eyelashes and bites her lower lip in attempts to snag more make out time with her favorite make out man. She succeeds.

Frank Sinatra Date with Jeremy
DeAnna gets to drive them in a vintage convertible to Frank Sinatra's house that he shared with Ava Gardner. Um, I am impressed. Nice work, ABC.

DeAnna cranks on the old recording studio and then proceeds to sin in the house of Blue Eyes with a blasphemed rendition of The Way You Look Tonight. Jeremy offers repentance to Old Blue Eyes.

Back at the vacation house, Twigs comments on how Jeremy is a mutant who can do anything. Anything except sing, apparently.

Over their dinner, Jeremy tells DeAnna there's nothing he can see in her that he doesn't like. DeAnna tells us she feels very loved by Jeremy, and that she wants very badly to fall in love with him.

They get in their swimmies together so that Jeremy can show off his abs more. We sit and watch as DeAnna and Jeremy gnaw on each other's lips.

Rose Ceremony with NO COCKTAIL PARTY!!!!
Uh oh. The boys notice something is different this time. "Everytime we roll in, she's sitting on the couch!" says Jesse. Indeed.

Chris "Sorry, Bro" Harrison tells the guys that DeAnna's mind is made up and there will be no cocktail party tonight. Jeremy gets worried. No cocktails?! What?! Twigs sits easy since he knows what's up for him, although he does seem disappointed he doesn't get a few free scotches for the road.

DeAnna comes out, says thank you and explains that she is trying not to lead them on like was done to her. (You know, just in case you forgot what happened to her.)

  • Jeremy
  • Jason
  • Graham
  • Jesse

Sean says that DeAnna is the type of woman he can propose to, that he put himself out there but he didn't get his horse in gear early enough. Oh, honey. Some pasture out there has the right filly for you.

Twigs says that just because you open up doesn't mean that the girl will fall in love with you. He says he just has to be Twilley, gives DeAnna a lot of unnecessary reassurance and encouragement and sets on his way to be Twigs wherever he goes.

Next week, Jesse's back in his element! Jeremy's family beats up on DeAnna! Ty likes DeAnna! Everything is great with Graham--except for his mom! No relationship has lasted longer than four weeks?! How shocking! I cannot wait!


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Matt with some suitcases on his way out of Shayne's condo

Just a heads up on our dear Shayne and Matt. Looks like Matt has moved out of Shayne’s Studio City condo. While some report that Shayne demanded Matt move out because of his flirtatious behavior with other blondes, Matt insists that living together was intended to be a temporary thing since her place is too small to fit him, Shayne, her shoe collection and both their stage personalities. [via]

EDIT: Thanks to the boyfriend for pointing out how similar Shayne and the monkey's faces are in this post and the one below. Coincidence? Most likely not. There was monkey, after all.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Spider Monkey Attempts to Flee Country

Here’s a great lede from the AP newswire: “A spider monkey used a garden hose to scale the wall of a moat at a Michigan City zoo before being captured at a nearby boat dealership.”

Apparently the monkey was captured while “atop a blue and white speedboat.” I have a theory this monkey was trying to get out of the country and go home. Thoughts? [AP]


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Four Score and Seven Years Ago

Try out your own on Wordle. Totally fun.


How the West Was “Punked” by Some Russian Director You’ve Never Heard Of

Remember that video of the Russian worker flipping out and how most of us wondered if it was just some kind of viral marketing stunt? Big surprise—it WAS.

However, I’m not sure how successful it was because the connection between the viral video to the product it markets (which is, for the record, the movie Wanted, due out on June 27) is a hazy one. Essentially, the director, Timur Bekmanbetov, wanted to show what stepping outside your boundaries was like…and um, how gullible the West is. He explains all of this (in Russian—feel free to go translate) on his livejournal. (Insert only-emos-and-14-year-olds–use-livejournals joke here.)

Really, Timur? Don’t you see how posting a video that has nothing to do with your movie might confuse people? Especially all of us stupid Americans? Or even your own comrades who were posting news stories about it? All you had to do to get an American to go see your movie was market your stars Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. Especially James McAvoy. Mm… You see, we’re really that shallow and not all that complicated, but thanks for the video anyway.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fred's a popular gent

Looks like there's a lot of interest in Fred (Greif) of Chicago. Anonymous poster, you have some competition--at least on Craigslist's Missed Connections. And just an FYI, according to Above the Law, Fred's not an attorney. He got his law degree (thus, he's a "lawyer," according to AtL) but never got a legal job and teaches gym at a Catholic school in Chicago. Expand the post for just a few of the Missed Connections posted for Fred today. This man's going to be busy.

Get in line ladies!


Monday, June 9, 2008

Live Blogging: The Bachelorette, Episode 4

Chris "Doo Wop, Baby!" Harrison makes an uncharacteristic appearance at the beginning of the episode, explaining that the men will have to write songs for DeAnna. Whoever's song she likes best, gets to go on a one-on-one date. Remember TV Guide's write-up of this episode: "DeAnna accuses the nine remaining bachelors of refusing to take the competition seriously, but first she invites them to compete in a singing contest.”

The men rise to (and shrink from) the challenge.
Fred: "Oh. My. Gad." The Chicago boy performs a southern song.
Graham: "I want to eat glass instead of doing this."
Top Chef: Thoroughly impressed with his own singing.
Jeremy: White man rapping.
Jason: Hunter S. Thompson beat poetry.
Brian: "House of my pay-yay-yannnnne!!"

Jesse wins best song and is awarded the one-on-one date because he touched DeAnna's hands.

This week, Top Chef, Jason, and Fred all move into the mansion with DeAnna.

Jesse and DeAnna's Date with Natasha Bedinfield

Jesse is NERVOUS. He has to wear a suit jacket, a tie, and his mom isn't even driving them to the prom this year.

Jesse and DeAnna pull up to an old theater where the marquee reads: "Jesse, One night only... Just for you... Love, Deanna."

Jesse thinks everything is "out of control": Deanna, the marquee, the theater, even the table in front of the stage. Somebody get that table under control!

DeAnna makes Jesse recite his poem-song, "DeAnna." Jesse gets down to business and says he thought he'd be the last guy to come on TV and fall in love (which is obvi why he signed up for The Bachelor), but that's exactly what he has experienced. DeAnna says she usually isn't attracted to his "type," but she is because he is so real with her. DeAnna gives Jesse a rose, and then Natasha Bedingfield shows up to serenade the happy couple.

Group Date at the Stock Car Races!

  • Brian
  • Graham
  • Jason
  • Twigs
The men, naturally, freak out at the site of fast cars. Vroom! Vroom! The men put on their matching Top Gun outfits. For their challenge, whoever races the fastest, gets some one-on-one time! Nothing like speeding to prove love.

Brian's up first. Trouble getting that car in gear, but he tops 140 miles.
Jason hits 138.77.
Graham, true Manhattanite, hasn't driven a car in so long, but he hits more than 136.
Jeremy says he'll go to hell and back for DeAnna, but he only hits 129.
Twigs has motion sickness and doesn't like speeding, but he tops Brian with 140.59.
Sean, a natural Bluegrass boy, tops everybody and wins.

Sean and DeAnna lay back in the in-field where Sean lets DeAnna take the sunshine in her eyes while he complains that he's afraid he's losing. DeAnna reveals she lived in Campbellsville, Kentucky, and Sean is thrilled that they have that bluegrass connection, that redneck connection and that roughneck competition. DeAnna laughs and I squirm around uncomfortably, wondering if Sean's martial arts outfits feature big Confederate flags on their backs. Sean continues the racing metaphor, "In the race for DeAnna's heart, I was lagging, but I think I'm catchin' up."

DeAnna hits the track too and shows the men up, hitting 141.62 mph. Sean is REALLY excited about this. With the fumes of burning rubber and diesel in the air, the whole crew sits down for a post-race picnic. Jeremy, as usual, pulls DeAnna aside. The men are, as usual, pissed. Graham cuts in, and the men get upset again. Jason--wise father that he is--sees through the DeAnna/Graham situation, saying that Graham doesn't have to work as hard as the other men to prove that he is there for DeAnna.

Meanwhile, trouble in paradise. When DeAnna asks for a kiss, Graham says he doesn't want to be one of the bunch, looking meaningfully at the bouquet of flowers on the table between them. DeAnna tells us she doesn't think Graham is being very fair and that she feels a strong connection with Graham (or to his perfect, basketball player body and that just-right rugged stubble on his angled face), but that he's the one person not putting himself out there.

DeAnna gives Sean a rose while Twigs looks on with fire in his eyes. Jason says he feels lie he's lost his connection with DeAnna. Brian says he feels like he's on the outside of this house, looking in. (This deep metaphor is why I love Brian.) Twigs is, um, upset too.

Impromptu Coach House Party/Drama Fest

The boys decide to throw a non-rose related party and invite the mansion gentlemen and DeAnna down to celebrate. As a joke, the coach house men set up a kiddie table for the mansion men, labeling Top Chef's place marker with "Robbie." Top Chef freaks out, throws an innocent kiddie (chair) over his head, stamps on the chef's hat provided for him and then retreats to the house to sulk.

DeAnna is angered by what she sees with the men here. Brian's comfortable with being just one of the guys. Sean is back to his old ways. Top Chef is sulking and drinking out a bottle of wine. Twilley is being Twilley.

DeAnna confronts the moping Top Chef, who reveals that other guys told him not to be optimistic about tonight. DeAnna finally cracks, making Bachelorette history:

"Right now I should be the happiest person in the world, and you're all breaking my heart!" she begins. "Do you all feel good about that? I came down here today wanting to hang out with all y'all. If you don't wanna be here, go home. I know how hard this is, and I've been here in your position, but now I'm the one making the decisions and that's not easy too. This is not fair. I can't make promises to you that I can't keep." She stamps her foot. "I'm going to my house now, you guys can all stay here and hang out."

The men awkwardly half-follow her, but let her go. Jeremy astutely explains to everyone what just happened, while Graham, Twigs and Brian blame themselves.

2-on-1 Date at a Some ABC Producer's Mansion in the Hills of Hollywood

"I have a bunch of recipes for love," Top Chef sleazes at the camera. "Smooth, rich, succulent. Grrrrrrowwwllllll!"
I take a quick break to clean up whatever allergic reaction I just had to Top Chef's recipe.

DeAnna begins the evening with a simple question: What was your most romantic date? Robert lunges into an epic story of how he chartered a helicopter tour of Vegas for his ex-fiancee, ordered a bazillion roses to be thrown about their hotel room and spell "I Love You," and how he bought a small island with his life's savings just to prove his love. Fred tells DeAnna about a jaunt up to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin that he took with his girlfriend.

Top Chef Alone Time
"I'm a big believer in the passionate side of the relationship," Top Chef slobbers. "Can I kiss you?"
"Um, how about right here?" DeAnna diverts the kiss to her cheek.

Top Chef knows she's into him. "I can feel that. I can read people."

DeAnna: What do you do if there's a problem in a relationship?
Robert: I dump the broad and turn on my super-tongue radar to find another girl to tongue. I am, uh, puh-retty awesome.
DeAnna: Um, okay.

Robert, off camera: There's a connection. We can both feel it.

Fred's Alone Time
Fred thinks the more time he gets with DeAnna, the more he could actually fall for this girl. (Um, shouldn't you have already fallen for her?) Fred wants DeAnna to know that he's just here for her. Like everyone else. Fred says he knows DeAnna has a lot going on in her heart, but he asks her to leave a little part of it for him.

Back at the house, the men are happy they're not on this date. Jeremy describes some complicated math about how Dude A could be half the man that Dude B is, but DeAnna might have two times the amount of attraction to Dude A than she does to Dude B. And if you take the square root of that amount, and then find its derivative and graph it, you'll find that the curve on the graph looks a lot like Jeremy's profile.

Back at some ABC exec's house, DeAnna quickly and painlessly tells Robert that he is not getting the rose. Robert raises his eyebrows, tells us he's not used to rejection and cannot believe he misread their connection.

DeAnna returns to tell Fred how amazing he is, what a big heart he has, and what a good head he has on his shoulders, but that she does not see forever with them. She drops the B-word again (psst! It's "Brad!") and that she cannot lead him on. She doesn't want to hurt him because she thinks he's one of the best men there. Fred, very sweetly, says it's okay and that he wants her to have the very best and, when she apologizes again, that she can't feel anything different than what she's supposed to.

Back at the house, the boys watch as ABC homeboy comes in and grabs both sets of bags. Everyone freaks out.

Jason is the only men left at the mansion, so he greets DeAnna with open arms when she comes home. Even I want to melt into his arms and tell him how hard my day was. Jason says he really felt great being able to comfort to her.

Cocktail Party
The men are shakin' in their boots about yesterday's dramas. Sean is wearing a zoot suit for confidence.

The men quiz Jason about what happened when she got home from her dates. Jesse downs Scotch when he hears how well things went for Jason. The other men glare.

Brian pulls DeAnna aside to try to tell her how much he cares about her. Jesse, channeling his inner-eighth grader, watches at the window and whispers to the guys that Brian is holding DeAnna's hand.

Twigs makes a last ditch effort to show DeAnna that he cares for her.

Graham tries to make amends. "I don't verbalize things very well," says Graham. Understatement of the series! DeAnna says she doesn't want to be confused about why he's here. Graham, prompted by the producers who are holding up cue cards to help him, says: "I'm... uh.... here for... uh, wait, hold it up higher...I'm here for.... you. Oh, right! I'm here for you!" He smiles. DeAnna melts at these words, grabs Graham's face and starts chowing down on it.

Meanwhile, my roommate and I shout at the TV that Graham is that guy that is going to hurt her and she's only trying to make things work between them! But that we know he's so hot, so it's okay, we understand what she's going through. We can sense it through the TV.

DeAnna decides to take the edge off the party with a pool party. They all have a great time until Chris "Not Even Floaties Can Save You" Harrison comes to break up the party.

Rose Ceremony
Chris "I Pity the Foo' Who Goes Home" Harrison tells the guys he understands what the men are going through and how rough it's been, so that's why all the good boys were rewarded with a pool party. Next time, they may get cookies and an extra recess. But no promises.

  • Sean
  • Jesse
  • Jason
  • Jeremy
  • Twigs?!!!!
  • Graham

Poor Silver Fox Brian gets sent home. Did she forget his song!?!! The House of My Pay-yay-yayannnne!!! I l personally loved it. Brian says he was disappointed because he had so much to look forward to with DeAnna, that she is beautiful, thoughtful and self-assured. Brian says he is a better person because of the time he spent here, but that he recognizes that he got too chummy with other guys.

Next week, more pool parties! Overnight adventures in Palm Springs! Sean and Graham make out with DeAnna in hammocks! Not at the same time! DeAnna tells all! Already???


Welcome to the One Hundred Fortieth Floor

The hypothetical view from the top floor of the Chicago Spire. Why, God? Why?

Also, if I still can't see the Michigan shoreline from this high up, then I'm not interested.


Why I Love The Bachelorette

Taken from TVGuide’s description of tonight’s episode: “DeAnna accuses the nine remaining bachelors of refusing to take the competition seriously, but first she invites them to compete in a singing contest.”


Friday, June 6, 2008

Mountain Man Says Live Green

Whoooaaaa kay, Adrian Grenier. Just cause you're green doesn't mean you can't take care of your physical hygiene, right? Time for a shave and a shower, mountain man.


Happy Birthday, Dad!

I love you! :)


Looking for something to do in Chicago on any Friday in June?

See my awesome boyfriend DJ with his awesome DJ friends at Par Lounge in Wicker Park. (Spoken like a true girlfriend.) For further reference, please see fliers that J and I made together:


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Australian Actors Make Like an Island

Much like their homeland Australia, the “power circle” of Hugh Jackman/Nicole Kidman/Naomi Watts is an island in a lonely world, only slightly connected to the rest of Hollywood, drinking better wine and trying to get rid of Keith Urban. [via]


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Lisa: This isn't a popularity contest.

Lucky for you, it isn't.


Video of the Moment

So this video of a (most likely Rusisan) office worker totally losing it has been circling the Internetz in the last few days. Rumors abound about it—is it more viral marketing? (Maybe it’s Careerbuilder getting all Sarah Marshall on us: I’m so over you, Corporate Job!)

If it’s real, we’re left with some questions:

  1. What is wrong with this guy?
  2. How long does it take to get a taser on a nutjob?
  3. Is this what Russia is really like?

If it is viral marketing, it leaves us with a couple questions:

  1. What is wrong with viral marketers?
  2. How long does it take for viral marketing to finally lose its edge?
  3. Is this what PR firms think Russia is like? - Watch more free videos

A second angle:

Office Worker Meltdown Second Angle - Watch more free videos


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I <3 Mavis Beacon

I experienced two minutes of typing fame today. Typeracer is the best thing Gawker has tipped me off to in a while.


A Bachelor Wedding?

Matt and Shayne are bragging to TMZ reporters that they’re getting married next weekend in Las Vegas. Is it to remember that special moment they shared in Vegas together—the first of many times that Shayne would whine her way into Maaaaaaaaaattyyyyy’s heart? Or are they totally pulling TMZ’s leg? Cause that’s what I would do if I were them.


Happy birthday, Rafa!

Rafael Nadal—tennis star and cutie pie—is celebrating his birthday today with a win at the French Open. He takes on Novak Djokovic in the semis on Friday. As much as I’ve tried to like Djokovic, his family with their ridiculous matching outfits, and sideline whining has ruined any chance of that happening.

Despite the fact that Federer (who I love for reasons I cannot explain here, but let’s just say that I got more than teary-eyed when he and Nadal played their final point at Wimbledon last year) lost his match against Djokovic in the finals at Monte Carlo, I love this video from that game where Federer loses his normally unshakeable cool at the Djokovic family. I hope he doesn’t have to do so again—as long as Nadal gives Djoko and his family the spanking they deserve tomorrow.


Monday, June 2, 2008

What will we do without his wisdom?

Science nerd upset! Ellen DeGeneres! Ron's know-how!

I've been a busy bee, but I promise that my update is coming soon. Is there a logic to DeAnna's decisions? I'm still not so sure, but I do know one thing. Actually three things--and Ron taught me them:

1. The cream always rises to the top.
2. Where there's smoke, there's fire.
3. Sometimes, the tree gets knocked down before it bears its fruit.