Monday, December 26, 2005

Smells like Christmas Spirit

CUE: C's nasal-toned voice..."It was Christmas Day."

(Shot of C waking up and looking like shit.)

"Of all the days to wake up with a cold. I couldn't even enjoy opening Santa's stockings with the kids."

(Shot of C with NIECE CARYN hopping around her, but C rubbing head, probably with a cold beer or wine bottle, since it's after 11 am.)

(Pan shot of WALGREEN's.)

"Good thing Walgreen's was there for me."

(SMILEY LADY AT COUNTER smiles at C, who's still rubbing her head with alcohol bottles as she stumbles through the door.)

"I couldn't wait to try Walgreen's new Wal-afed PE!!"

(C purchases WALGREEN'S GENERIC BRAND COLD MEDICINE and pops 3 pills, rather than one, while still in the parking lot and toting her bottle with her.)

"Now I can enjoy Christmas the way it ought to be." (Shot of C stumbling around kitchen, still with bottle-in-hand, chasing NIECE CARYN, with a tiara and Christmas wreath.)

Ahh, family Christmases.