Friday, June 23, 2006

Manic Update

I'd like to sleep in that city that doesn't do so.

I love my job. Enough to think that, Boy, working for T is so fun, I could do it for a long time. Honestly, salvage and interior decoration are pretty awesome.

Craigslist's "missed connections" might be my new favorite thing.

It sucks that I have to find another place to live for the fall in the same city I am in now.

It also sucks that I'm not making any money right now.

In Cold Blood is an addictive first read.

I'm pretty sure half the interns at T are not equipped with fully functioning social skills.


Thursday, June 8, 2006

Here I am, again.

I don't really use this anymore, but in a recent riveting evening of journal-comparison with J, I realized that it's pretty useful since it promises not to get lost in your closet or crash with your computer.

With that in mind, I'm updating.

I'm home for the second time after completing the six hour drive to/from Chicago for the third time in one week. (Talk about numbers and figures.) I find myself here, knowing that I won't sleep in my bed in Evanston until January and that I will, in two nights, be sleeping in New York...where I will be for six months.

I'm unnerved. Okay, no. I'm so upset and anxious that I cried for a long, long time Saturday night and then got drunk and cried more.

But I'm excited, too. I think.

This summer will be something entirely new. In some sense, even going to France last year, I've known what each summer after college would bring for me. I look back at my entries from this time of the year in my livejournal and I see similar themes. I'm moving out of the dorm and I'm getting ready to go home. Last year, when I went to France, I knew what to expect of the south of France. I had been there before, and besides, I'd spend the last month of summer at home again.

This year is different.I've never been to New York. Ever. Except on some bridge. Don't know which one.

I'll be living in a one-bedroom apartment with my boyfriend and best friend all summer. We will each work all the time and have no money, except enough to buy cheap wine and drink it in bed while watching DVDs on my new computer...cause apparently that's the plan.

That sounds

Then I remember that I'm twenty-one and this is a time that things begin to happen in life. And now they are, in fact, happening. And...that's fine.