Friday, October 26, 2007

N/P tunes

Not that I'm shooting any nonprofit films right now, but J told me this morning that Moby is now offering free music for any documentarians, film students, etc. who are in need of some seriously cheap (and by seriously cheap, I mean free) music. I think that's pretty damn cool. For my own purposes, I am learning about this all a little too late, but still... Moby is pretty awesome, even in 2007.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Generation Q?

If Thomas Friedman hadn't done enough for me to hate him throughout my years at Northwestern, then he certainly topped himself with this piece today.

But seriously, another oldie trying to peg a moniker on our generation falls flat on his face, and in doing so, seriously angered me. While I sometimes dream of a hippie life once lived burning my bra and tearing up my draft card, I also don't think Friedman understands how websites like Facebook and translate the virtual into the real.

And besides, wasn't it Friedman's generation that traded in their tie-dye for neckties and left us with the consequences of their greed? And isn't Friedman's paper the one who has remained disturbingly "quiet" in these troubled times where just today our president claimed that judicial oversight on the executive's citizen surveillance is a "step backward?" Why is it that Friedman can accuse us of not showing enough outrage, while he wastes his column tut-tutting his children's generation, our generation--a generation that has been thrust forward into a cutthroat society where SAT scores, college application essays, and GPAs rival unreasonable passions and dreams?

Perhaps Friedman forgets THIS generation is a product of his own, and it should not be the burden of one generation to deal with the mistakes of its predecessors.

I'd appreciate any thoughts you have because, after all, Friedman seems to think you and I won't discuss them.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I've become seriously, seriously addicted to this video.