Monday, May 31, 2004

I Went to Dillo Day, Too!

No really. I did. I pulled myself out of the library for a good solid 24 hours to partake in the festivities...

Friday night, I saw NSTV, of which the most impressive portion was probably the opening shot/credits and Robert's Oregon Trail sketch. Indeed! I was "lucky enough" to get into Sax and Dixon at 11, and in between the two shows saw part of Dark Side of the Moon up at Norris and drank hot chocolate. After all the fun visual stimuli, many a person went to Sig Ep to dance. On the way home, I purposely fell off Brett's back and almost took out...Andy? maybe? Alex Robins? maybe?...Well, point is I almost hurt someone else on top of myself. I like to take people down with me.

Saturday, went something along the lines of this:
11 am...wake
11:30 am...realize Master Gary meant he wanted an "OLD FASHIONED" way to show his slides, but instead get awesome hour long convo about all his amazing experiences.
1 pm...Walk up with John to see Foster Walker Complex, meet up with Chris Britt for lunch
3 pm...Relaxing, drinking, eating in Jason's room whilst sitting in the window seat
4 pm...The M's :), meeting The M's, laying in sunshine
6 pm...Gavin Degraw...asshole extraordinaire, observation of crazy girls who scream and throw underwear on stage, admittance that the guy is a performer
7:30ish...Dinner with David, John, and Tom
8:15ish...Wine and drum corps with David
9 pm...The Wailers with David, Bryan, and John, dancing, feeling happy, watching fireworks, singing along, smiling
10:30ish...4 friends, sitting on lakefill, talking about respective homes.
11:15ish...Kafein with David, Bryan, and John for milkshakes to go of the evening in blurred frenzy...
watching game of Mafia///talking with friends whilst laying in hallway///more wine and drum corps with David///more drum corps in Rat Trap with David and John///techno dance party with John in Rat Trap///listening to Queen and falling asleep in Brett's bed///waking up to Brett trying to get in bed with me at 10 am.


Wednesday, May 26, 2004


i allow myself
this one update to tell you
norris is freezing...

lest we not forget
this gentleman behind me
fell out of his chair...

i'm not in the scene
i don't watch trading spaces
i'll assume ty's hot...

why are these actors
these over-actors indeed
here, in norris?...

no matter because
tonight--i will be working
five in the morning...

in the last six days
i jumped with a four year old--
this was the best thing...


Sunday, May 16, 2004

And then there was the time...

After a rather lethargic late lunch at Panera and a coffee-stop at Unicorn, I decided that there comes a time when one must face the facts and go home and take a nap. However, my plans would soon be thwarted by one 30-something flamboyantly gay man and one 20-something ethnically and handsomely ambiguous gentleman.

Walking along Sherman, the two men stopped me in the street, the flamboyantly gay man, who we'll call Charlie, demanding a "woman's opinion" on his ethnically-ambiguous friend's (Rufio's) hair. "How high is too high?...I'm talking height here. Not volume. REAL height!"

Slightly concerned that I was being hit on in some strange-conspicuous manner and eager to leave as quickly as possible, I quickly offered my advice that as long as the hair fits the personality, all is well.

"Okay, great! Thanks!" Charlie chortled. He reached out, grabbed my hand, and suddenly, I find myself being spun and danced around like an awkwardly-positioned mannequin holding an iced latte, purse, and textbooks. I laughed uncomfortably as the people eating outside Camilles sat by and watched.

"There, I just did that to see your smile, because I JUST KNEW it was beautiful!!" Charlie beamed at me. At this point, I was really ready to go and my latte was beginning to brim over and spill onto my hand.

"Thanks for being such a sport," he smiled, reaching out his hand once more. When I shook it, I didn't realize I would be forfeiting my own hand for another five minutes.

"Look at her handshake!!" Charlie grabbed Rufio's shoulder. "Isn't it INTERESTING??" During the next five minutes, my hand was passed between Charlie and Rufio, as they told me all A little sidewalk-offered palm reading.

"He knows ALL about this stuff," Charlie oozed, hiking his thumb at Rufio.
"I spent two years living in the mountains," Rufio offered.
Oh, that explains it, I thought.
"You know, monks and Nepal and all that junk," Charlie teased Rufio, handing my palm over to him.

Rufio squinted as my reddened palm, "Oh...Your heartline is short." Rufio's laments seeped through his eyes as he stared apologetically at me. "Your lovelife is unstable, is it not?"

Whose isn't? I thought. But, being the kind Ohio girl I am, I uttered instead, "I guess so."

"Yeah I can see that here," Rufio bit his lip. A moment's contemplation and, "Oh! Her lifeline is split in half." He turned to Charlie, concerned. Obviously this split-lifeline would prove some sort of problem for me. The people at Camille's sat on the edges of their seats, waiting to hear exactly what sort of problem it was.

"You live two lives," Rufio sternly and solemnly judged. The sentence was passed. I imagined myself donning a black leather suit, climbing the walls of Kresge, crawling the perimeter of Tech, and tormenting drunk Northwestern students at the rock during all hours of the night, screaming animalistic shrieks of terror.
"Yeah, I guess I do," I agreed with Rufio.

Abruptly, Charlie seized my hand, bent my fingers back and pronounced me to be as stubborn as they come and that was that. I didn't get a chance to voice my opinion on that judgement.

With that, Charlie asked me judge Rufio's mountainbred accuracy on the scale from Bruce Willis to Mohawk, short to tall hair, one to ten. I gave them a hearty "six or seven," wistfully recalling my nights in the bushes around Tech, black leather sticking to my sweaty legs.

And with Charlie's last confiscation of my hand, "a twirl to the left and-uh twirl to the right," I was on my way, having entertained not only the people lunching at Camille's, but passerbys as well, including my subtly-handsome-quiet-boy Geo Sci TA. I waved goodbye to Charlie and Rufio for maybe not the last time. Who knows, maybe it lies in my future to cross paths with them once more?


Thursday, May 13, 2004

Oh, you know. Just a little something.


Sunday, May 2, 2004

The Incomparable Knowledge of Mary Poppins

Bert: You've got to grind, grind, grind, at that grindstone.


Mary Poppins: A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.


Mary Poppins: First of all, I'd like to make one thing perfectly clear.

Mr. Banks: Yes?

Mary Poppins: I never explain anything.


Mrs. Banks: Though we adore men, in-di-vid-ual-ly, we agree that as a group, they're ra-ther stu-pid.


Mr. Banks: Kindly attempt not to cloud the issue with the facts.


Mr. Banks: Have this piano repaired. When I sit down to an instrument, I like to have it in tune.

Mrs. Banks: But George, you don't play.

Mr. Banks: Madam! That's entirely beside the point!


Mary Poppins: In every job that must be done, there's an element of fun. Just find the fun and--snap!!--the job's a game!


Mary Poppins: That's a piecrust promise. Easily made, easily broken.


Jane: Good morning Father! Mary Poppins taught us the most wonderful word!

Michael: Supercalifrajilisticexpialodocious!

Mr. Banks: What on earth are you talking about? Super-super-or whatever the infernal thing is.

Jane: It's something to say when you don't know what to say!

Mr. Banks: Yes, well. I always know what to say.