Monday, May 31, 2004

I Went to Dillo Day, Too!

No really. I did. I pulled myself out of the library for a good solid 24 hours to partake in the festivities...

Friday night, I saw NSTV, of which the most impressive portion was probably the opening shot/credits and Robert's Oregon Trail sketch. Indeed! I was "lucky enough" to get into Sax and Dixon at 11, and in between the two shows saw part of Dark Side of the Moon up at Norris and drank hot chocolate. After all the fun visual stimuli, many a person went to Sig Ep to dance. On the way home, I purposely fell off Brett's back and almost took out...Andy? maybe? Alex Robins? maybe?...Well, point is I almost hurt someone else on top of myself. I like to take people down with me.

Saturday, went something along the lines of this:
11 am...wake
11:30 am...realize Master Gary meant he wanted an "OLD FASHIONED" way to show his slides, but instead get awesome hour long convo about all his amazing experiences.
1 pm...Walk up with John to see Foster Walker Complex, meet up with Chris Britt for lunch
3 pm...Relaxing, drinking, eating in Jason's room whilst sitting in the window seat
4 pm...The M's :), meeting The M's, laying in sunshine
6 pm...Gavin Degraw...asshole extraordinaire, observation of crazy girls who scream and throw underwear on stage, admittance that the guy is a performer
7:30ish...Dinner with David, John, and Tom
8:15ish...Wine and drum corps with David
9 pm...The Wailers with David, Bryan, and John, dancing, feeling happy, watching fireworks, singing along, smiling
10:30ish...4 friends, sitting on lakefill, talking about respective homes.
11:15ish...Kafein with David, Bryan, and John for milkshakes to go of the evening in blurred frenzy...
watching game of Mafia///talking with friends whilst laying in hallway///more wine and drum corps with David///more drum corps in Rat Trap with David and John///techno dance party with John in Rat Trap///listening to Queen and falling asleep in Brett's bed///waking up to Brett trying to get in bed with me at 10 am.

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