Monday, March 24, 2008

Live-Blogging The Bachelor: London Calling, Episode 2

Viva Las Vegas! Girls with their tops off! Crying! But first, let's get down to business with our first date.

9:02 PM, CDT: Ashlee, Kristine, Marshana, Noelle, Michelle, Amanda, Erin H. and Holly receive Matt's invitation: "Come run away with me!" How romantic! Oh, wait. They're going to a SmashBox fashion show... where the girls are the stars.

Here we see Beauty Queen Marshana shine--she wants to "stomp it out."
Woah! Red head Michelle--what the hell happened to her hair? I feel like the crazy vibe is dripping from this girl.
Holly impresses with her moon walk.
Holy haystack, Batman! What does Ashlee have on her head?? Is that her hair? Should we prod that thing with a pitchfork?
More empty promises from ABC. There's no stripping to be seen here: Amanda takes her top off to reveal...a swimming suit top. Cover the children's eyes!

9:12 Penthouse party!
Marshana takes the lead and grabs Matt to talk about interracial dating. America shifts uncomfortably.

Michelle reels Matt in. She, like Ashlee, wrote a song. Oh, boy. These sorts of things should be saved for private moments, Michelle. The popular girls on the couch snort at the nerdy girl.

9:15 The girls at home discover they have a far superior date than having to stomp around--going to Las Vegas. SQUEEEEALLLL!!!!

9:16 Back to the penthouse party.

Ashlee wants a kiss.
'I want to know if you're into me!'
'Why wasn't I top 1 on the catwalk??'
'I have been staring at your lips all day.' POUT POUT POUT.
Congrats, Ashlee! You guilt-tripped the Bachelor into kissing you.

Matt brings Ashlee a rose, much to the other girls' disappointment.

'It's mine!!!!!!' brags Ashlee, waving it at the other ladies. Classy!

Marshana suggests that Ashlee should be humble, which is the smartest thing Marshana has said so far.

Erin H., Ashlee's elder by three years, says that Ashlee is 'a young 22.' Mm, yes. Wise.

9:23 Matt explains to us that Las Vegas is one of the hot spots in the U.S. Thank you, Matt!

Shayne has been to Las Vegas like, a thousand times, she lets us know. Thanks, Shayne!

The lady with the most chips at the end of the night gets time with Matty.
Insert: many gambling=love cliches. Examples? You have to risk to win. It's not seven, but ONE is the lucky number tonight!

Shayne spends all her money at once. Big shocker.

Kelly won the date with the most chips. 'He knows that I'm nice...and that I can handle my alcohol," she slurringly informs us.

Shayne really needs to tell Matt something. 'You have twenty other girls downstairs vying for your attention! Do you think I'm waiting in the wings?'
Matt: Everyone's in that position. Everyone else is putting up with it. You shouldn't have an issue with this.
Shaaaaaayne: 'Maaaattt! I ammmm having an issue! Is this worth it? Having a guy look at other women?'

Good one, Shayne. Men loooooove this.

9:33 Matt needs more time with the the Napoleon Room.

Shayne wants to clear up that talk she had with Matt by talking more at him. But there are all these girls in the way of that! Why didn't someone inform Shayne of these other girls? Really. Some producer dropped the ball here. Why didn't someone inform this poor girl that there would be other females present?

Chelsea and Matt have some boring interaction.

Shayne is so serious. She wants to get to know Matt, and Matt only. She's not going to be giddy about it. Gosh. Everybody should grow up.

Robin, who always looks like she's kind of sad, impresses by playing the piano.

Erin S. keeps her conversation to 'Yaaaaay!'

Matt gives Chelsea the rose so she is safe tonight.

Shayne is used to getting her way. She is used to getting a MILLION ROSES. THIS IS NOT FUN FOR HER. Doesn't anyone understand?! She has to lock herself in a bathroom about this and get it out emotionally. Good thing she has those sunglasses that are the size of a small country to cover up her face.

9:42 Hard electro music to Matt's entrance.


Matt's looking forward to this cocktail party.

Robin plays smart by suggesting that Matt play pretend: They're the only people there. What would he do? Kinky!

Woah! Make. out. session. Despite those feather earrings!

Kelly is drunk already.

Marshana is already jealous. There's always a girl who has weird possession issues despite not having known the bachelor for more than two days. This season, we have two--Marshana and Shayne.

Matt explains to us that he wants to kiss Marshana, but the entire cast is watching at the window.

Carri finally gets her one-on-one time. Annnnd... she sings opera. (Could someone do something else?)

Aaaaand Erin H. decides she's going to sing too. (Apparently not.)

Oh my god. Amanda is too cute. She calls her nervous hiccups the 'meeps.' I still wonder how she's going to get through this.

'Welcome to my set!!!' says Shayne to the camera.
'I want to just say one thing...'
Uh, huh.
She confesses she was in the bathroom crying. Matt apologizes for being harsh.
'Listen, I'm so OVER the acting thing,' Shayne tells Matt. 'That's my job.'
Uh, huh.
'I'm here for you, and I'm here for us. I'm here to stay for you, if you have me.'
Uh, huh.

9:48 Talent show time! Where is Erin H.'s singing?! How could this not happen?!

Enter Chris Harrison. 'Man! I hate it when Chris Harrison walks in,' says Matt.

9:51 Rose Ceremony. Ashlee and Chelsea have roses.
'Meep!' says Amanda.
Enter Matt.

Who stays:
Robin, kiss on the cheek!
Erin S.,
Amanda, meep!
Kelly, who stumbles down to get her rose.
Amy, who is this chick?
Kristine, again, who is this?
Noelle, who is also wearing feather earrings!
Shayne, who looks like she just died a thousand deaths to receive that rose.

Goodbye, Erin H., Michelle, and Carri. Maybe if Erin had sang, or if Carri hadn't (or if she hadn't bit into that can last week), or if Michelle hadn't sang/played the clarinet.

Oh, man. Michelle told us it'll be great to see her cat and have her purr and lay on her lap. This is like the saddest/craziest goodbye I've ever seen.

We may have lost our token cat lady, but at least ABC has promised us more crazies for next week. Until the rugby match...

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