Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Don't Be Fooled

If the 7-Eleven you frequent happens to run out of Easy Mac, don't turn to the Chef Boyardee Mac & Cheese.

As I type, my lunch--you might have guessed, Chef Boyardee Mac & Cheese-sits before me, wafting burned, runny cheese fumes throughout my office. It's an embarrassment to my lunchtime habits that this is what I've brought to the table today. I literally cannot eat one more bite.

I can safely say I wouldn't feed my worst enemy Chef Boyardee Mac and Cheese. Unless, my worst enemy is now Chef Boyardee himself, that mustachioed smiling fraud.

Then again, the actual Chef Boyardee of Plaza Hotel fame would never have concocted this microwave mystery meal. Poor guy is probably rolling in his grave over what these corporate hacks are making today.

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