Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Somewhere Deep in the Recesses of CC's Anatomy

After a day of being dragged out of bed at early hours, teaching kids how to read, and attempting to stay at par faculty level, CC's Senses were fighting one another. Each of them, Mind, Body, Soul, and Heart, had decided to confer at Stomach's place, because he was empty and there was plenty of room. Combining their powers together in such a holy communion, the Senses didn't realize that CC could hear their conversation during her Gender Studies class.

Mind broke the uneasy silence, "Um. Um. Guys? There's a lot of stuff that needs to get done, and um... I can't do it by myself... and uh, uh..."

"Shut eet up," burst out Body, twisting his French mustache, agitated. "Zhee eezuh tired. Geeve zee gerhl a break, mais oui?" The others muttered and twiddled their Sensical thumbs.

"But, but... uhh... you guys, you know her parents are paying a lot of money for her to go to this school, and um... she has all that money to finish raising for DM, and uh, uh, at least two papers and one exam. Plus umm.. she wants to apply for American Studies and the Writing Program, so she really needs her grades to be good," Mind sputtered.

Heart as usual had been wandering non-Sensically, "I just want to play!"

"SHUT UP! You always interfere on the weekends!" shouted the rest of the Senses. There was an awkward silence.

"Zohkay," Body heaved as he lounged back in his futon from French Futons Express. "Mind, I understand vut you zay. Zhee does 'ave beaucoup de vork. Mais oui. But- 'onestly, I ahm uh feeling a little of zee, how do you zay? Zickness. Zleeping eez a necessicism."

"Uh, uh... necessity," Mind corrected. Silence again fell upon the group as Stomach's residence groaned loudly.

Soul searched within herself and suddenly spoke up, "Well, maybe... Maybe, Mind, you can find salvation... and Body, you can find rejuvenation... if she writes her philosophy paper." Murmurs of agreement filled the empty air.

"Wait! What about me?" cried Heart.

"Why not apply yourself elsewhere?" Mind logically and articulately suggested.

Suddenly, a rush of mush and slop broke into Stomach's room, as CC had decided to go down to SAGA. The meeting was suddenly dismissed, but all Senses could agree, things were looking up for each and every one of them.

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