Sunday, February 22, 2004

Polka All Over

Today was strange. But great. And wonderfully filled with root beer and polka.

The usual Saturday morning routine: Lunch at Plex with Erik and Anna.
OH, but friends...

Honestly. You must get this sandwich at the Plex:

Toasted Onion Roll bun

Oh, delicious... Mm...

So, yeah. I editted Bryan's paper and read some more of my wonderful new book. I guess tomorrow I will pay by having to think of my stuff for elections speeches for vice (come vote for me, willard friends.) and finishing that paper that I never finished LAST weekend. Yeah. Prison songs. I want to enjoy it, so I won't stay up ridiculously late. It's only first draft to turn in, so yeah. Okay.

Anyway, I called Brandon today and talked for the first time with him in over a week. Yeah. That's sort of how it is I guess. You know. :( But, in good news from that conversation, umm... well I guess good news... he shaved his head which blows my mind. I am sitting here trying to think of my B with his head shaved. It's not happening. I can't imagine. Ahhh! NO! okay. Let's hope it grows some in the next few weeks, or else I won't see him during spring break. OR MICHAEL. shit guys! wtf? Shaved heads? Oh man.

So then the most amazing thing happened. And it was called Polka Party.

Jess and I ran down Sherman to Presence to get some last minute ridiculousness for our outfits. Oh yeah.

I wore the following:
A pink tanktop
A maroon shiny skirt
A maroon shiny tie
A black tux jacket
Black fishnets
My punky shoes
Pink earring and bracelet
Mario Wristband
Hells yah.

I got second place in the Best Dressed for girls behind the amazing Kate Kountzman. That girl totally wore some underwear outside her pants. Wow.

Aside from eating some heavyduty meat, heavyduty cake, and learning how to polka, I also drank lots of water, sweated tons, danced with some awesome polka dancers (props to Matt for just jumping in the air to offbeats with me, Isaac for being classy and waltzing with me, and Bryan for being simply an awesome polka dancer. To think he almost didn't come.), oh, and Matt and I won the King and Queen of Polka or something. I think. Totally shocking, considering we both just learned to polka and um he had 10 shots. So yeah. Wow! I can't believe I didn't realize how drunk he was. I mean, wow. And... he didn't fall over. And he led me. How did this happen? Yeah, so we totally got polka CDs.

The ride home was amazing as well. In my corner there was Matt, Bryan, Bryan, Grant, Karl, Mathias, Kevin Durnbaugh, and various others who led to some extreme craziness. Seemingly deserted and empty bus turned out to be super loud and sexually crazy bus. Yep. Wow.

Post Polka was spent hangin with Heather, Jess, Tate, Lil Jess, and Lindsay in Heather and Jess's room. Good quiet times. Well kinda quiet times. H and I ventured first floor to see the happenings, but unfortunately there was not much except the crazy "LoveBiorhythms" we set up with the help of Grant. Apparently Heather and I are super compatable (I feel like I'm not spelling this right) so we're going to go skinnydipping and have sex at the lake. Heather and Grant aren't allowed to talk anymore since their scores were so low. No more talking for them. And Grant and I are only allowed to apparently be locked in a dark room and have sex aided by Heather as "Sex Helper" (maybe "sex mediator" instead?) since we're so intellectually incompatable that we're dumb heads.

Tomorrow are exec elections. I am really excited (nervous) and it'll be okay if I don't win (I really would like to) and I have my speech all ready (I don't), so yeah. Maybe I should get an amazing NINE HOURS of sleep tonight and go to bed earlier than I have at all... in... Um... before three... when did this last happen? I don't know. Wow.

Okay, goodnight friends and lovers. Happy polka evening to you all.

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