Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh Noez, AP Newz Feedz!

Perhaps you haven't noticed, but I happen to have this thing for The New York Times' AP newsfeed. I know I could go elsewhere for the AP's newsfeed, like say, the AP's RSS feed, but still. There was something about being able to get my news, easily, in one spot that I loved.

And now, that's all gone.

News From Reuters? That's it?

Now, I know that I will discover every little detail about the inquest into Princess Diana's death and what JK Rowling is up to, but I am in serious need of my Associated Press link to the US National News.

Not that their isn't focus on the US ("Annie Lennox on US Singles Charts After 13 Years" was one example of a US headline in Reuters' Entertainment section), but I need my dose of AP National through the Times. Where else will I find the crazies (like the guy who stole the bodies of Civil War soldiers and displayed them in his house) or the awesomes (like the 10-year-old kid who stopped his rolling bus from careening into highway traffic by steering it into a concrete pole)?

I emailed the Times' public editor in hopes that he might respond and explain the change. I'm sure he gets lots of emails like this from crazies (not like the Civil War guy, but people like me who spend too much time on, so it may take a while to get a response, if I ever get one.

Fingers crossed.

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