Monday, April 14, 2008

Live Blogging: The Bachelor London Calling, episode 5

Trouble on the Slopes!
"Six girls remain, and this is a big week", says Chris Harrison. "Four of you will have the opportunity to take Matt back to your home towns."

"You're going to Sun Valley, Idaho!" says Chris.

SQUEEEEEAAAAL! say the six remaining bachelorettes.

The six girls arrive, and in no time, Matt tosses them all in the snow.

"I look fabulous!" says Marshana. "I don't want to get tossed in the snow!"

The girls arrive at a cabin. Shayne tells us that cuddling is one of her favorite things, and she's looking forward to doing it with Matt.

Who gets the 1-on-1 date?? Doorbell rings. The ABC staff leaves the date invitation just a little ways away from the door to make Marshana cold on her way out to the box.

"Come experience a winter wonderland, Chelsea!"

1-on-1 Date: Winter Wonderland Sleigh Ride with Chelsea

"Tally Ho!" says Matt.
Chelsea tells us her one pet peeve is PDA, specifically hand-holding. She is A-OK with linking arms! "No sudden movements, buddy!"

Matt wants someone who is affectionate.

Chelsea opens up and says she is very vulnerable and uncomfortable about being romantic. Matt says he feels a lot for Chelsea and "digs" her. He also says his parents would love her, which means let's get in bed together cause mum and dad would be okay with it.

Chelsea writes her own fantasy date: "I would love to spend time alone with you. Can we have our own fantasy date at your place?"

Brilliant, Chelsea! Totally well played. They return to Matt's place for some hot and heavy moments.

Group Date: Skiing with Amanda, Robin, Marshana and Shayne
"Two of these girls are virgins... on the slopes!" Good one, Matt. Har har har.

Robin makes it clear she has no problem getting one-on-one time on group dates. Robin is flaunting her crazy eyes.

Amanda thinks that Matt is going to make a good dad because of how patient he was with her on the slopes. Meanwhile, Marshana can't so much as stand up her skis.

Shayne impresses Matt on her snowboard. Shayne has brought blush, lipstick and lipliner on the slopes. Matt says that she has brought half her makeup kit onto the slopes, but I don't think he has any idea how much makeup she has.

While Shayne and Matt share a lasting kiss in the snow, Robin glares from on high. She will not stand for this.

With Jaws music playing, Robin stealthily descends upon the couple on her snowboard.

"Why DIDN'T IIIIIII get the ONE-ON-ONE?!" That one question, Robin tells us, will determine whether or not she brings Matt home with her! Um, right, because Robin seems like just the kind of girl to refuse a rose.

Matt explains that he knows Robin well enough not to invite her for the one-on-one since, you know, she's always stealing time away from all the other girls on the group dates.

Now, away from the slopes and to the spa for hot tub time.

Amanda pulls Matt aside to talk and she pulls the redneck card, telling Matt her family will cook him possum.

1-on-1 Date With Noelle: Ice Skating
Noelle is "super-excited" to get the one-on-one date and covers her face while blushing.

"It's important that I be me and say something that he likes!" says Noelle. Um, incongruous?

Matt thinks that Noelle is a serious contender. Noelle suffered a very serious car crash. Matt is impressed with how philosophical Noelle is about taking life for all it's worth after her accident.

Meanwhile, back at the house...
Robin is confident that she'll get the hometown date.

Marshana has risen to every occasion, Marshana says. She has seen how he lives.

Robin says that Marshana doesn't know how Matt lives, but OBVIOUSLY that study abroad
time ROBIN did in London exposed her to the intricacies of British life. Duuuh.

Marshana says she HAS seen his lifestyle.

Robin says that Matt doesn't actually live off ABC's money all the time. (Valid point.) Marshana throws some sass in Robin's direction.

When Chelsea suggests that Marshana is negative, Marshana proves her right by throwing a fit, screaming and then talking to the ABC producers about how "charitable" she is. I am scared of Marshana. I am also scared of Robin. Just... scared. Crazy eyes. I'm meeping on Amanda's behalf.

Back at the ice skating date...
Noelle lays it out that she wants to take him home with her. She says she calls men/emotional situations like Matt 'trouble.'
Matt: "I want to be trouble, and I think that you might be trouble too."

Rose Ceremony
All the girls feel a strong connection with Matt, and none of them can imagine going home.

Marshana plays tattletale and tells Matt that Robin and Chelsea turned on her. Marshana says with a cool tone and crazy eyes, "I was in rare form last night... but that's just because people attacked my character."

Chelsea interrupts their one-on-one time, but Marshana refuses to leave. When she finally does, Chelsea talks a lot, and Matt says he doesn't care about all that crap and wants to know whether or not she can be romantic. Matt and Chelsea kiss.

Marshana goes back to the girls and whines. Shayne and Robin tell her to shove off. "I sleep every night!" says Marshana. Fantastic!

Robin finally gets her one-on-one time with Matt. He gives her his coat and they kiss. Shayne can't take this.

Shayne tells Matt how hard this is on her and wants him to meet her family. Matt then gropes Shayne while brushing her hair, and they kiss.

Chris "No Fun" Harrison breaks up the party for the rose ceremony.

Matt says that he's had a really wonderful time with these girls and that it will be an honor and humbling experience to visit their homes--especially Lorenoz Lamas's.

Hometown Dates:
Shayne: "You chose me first!!" (Amanda squints and quietly meeps off camera.)

Marshana: "Crazy Eyes 1" says there is nothing left for her to do but go home. Except she trips on the way out.
Robin: "Crazy Eyes 2" gives a cold "Bon soir" on her way out, then spits and curses her anger at the cameramen, vowing her revenge.

Next week on The Bachelor, hometown dates!


Peter said...

Great recap.

Especially: "I'm meeping on Amanda's behalf."

Awesome sauce.

Caitlin said...

Seriously, how did she keep herself under control? Especially given that this episode was probably the most meepable episode yet.