Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Shoes Take a Vacation Without Me

It seems that my recently-ordered shoes (the ones that are next to godliness and make my heart dance in my chest at the thought of them) are on a vacation without me. In the last day, they've traveled over 75 miles of Chicagoland, tripping the light fantastic from the southside to the north burbs and back again. I watch with envy as they take their sweet time getting to my doorstep. Oh, shoes! Come to me!

The Shoes Take a Chicagoland Vacation

The Shoes arrive in Chicago, IL. They marvel at the Dan Ryan expressway and UIC's campus. "Hooray! We love Chicago!" they surely cry. "We cannot wait to get down and dirty (but not scuffed too badly) on these city streets."

But first, they must journey to Hodgkins, Illinois. Far beyond the city limits, the Shoes quake with fear. "Oh bring us back away from I-55! Take us to the north side!"

A miscommunication hinders their progress. The UPS delivery guy misunderstands the Shoes and travels with them to the northern burbs. In Northbrook, the shoes wish the journey would end. "Mercy, Lord!" they cry. "Deliver us from this truck!"

Where will our heroes find themselves next? Will it be at the front door of their rightful owner? Or in the hands of yet another UPS deliveryman (or woman)? Only time will tell.

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