Wednesday, January 7, 2004


So my musicology professor, who likes to be called Uncle Steve, just told me I should be a sociologist. Was this a compliment? An insult? Something altogether new and different? I don't know, but I think I love him!

I've never been so excited to learn! How altogether nerdy and Northwestern do I sound?? Oh geez. I mean, I was basically overwhelmed all fall quarter with this "HOLY SHIT I'M AT COLLEGE AND IT ROCKS!" attitude, but now I'm like, "HOLY SHIT I CAN TOTALLY LEARN WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT!" Maybe I'm growing up. Kind of.

Anyway, I'm all about this seminar right now. How awesome is listening to the music that developed rock n' roll and writing about it?

History of Philosophy is equally rocking my world. I've always been all about overanalyzing things, and now I can take a course in it!

Voices and Visions, my gender class, is already messing with me. I, CC--the female caught somewhere between this generation, the past, and the next-- am completely in love with the idea of watching horror movies and reading romance novels in order to explore gender roles in society. (Nerd alert, again.)

I should probably apply this intellectual inspiration and do some work... And shit, should I rush a sorority or not? Better make that decision in the next hour or two.

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