Saturday, January 10, 2004

Exclamation points serve to amplify and emphasize

Today rocked my world for many reasons. I had two classes and was done by noon. I like this better than my Fridays off schedule because it's more rewarding!! :D I totally ate lunch with Brett and John and then hung around doing superfun things like PAYING BILLS! WOOOOOOO! Yay for getting things done.

Tonight, Jess and I were like... Sheeit. What are we gonna do?
We thought, Whoa, there is so nothing to do.
But we were so wrong!

!!!We ventured out into Evanston for some good chocolate fun at the chocolaterrie. I don't know if that's what you call it, but we will.

!!!Then Tate met up with us, we ran into voice majors Meghan and Dennis.

!!!Then we had a winin' dinin' good time in NMQ in Dennis' room before beginning the hunt for: a-million-people-cc-didn't-know.

!!!Then, the million people CC didn't know, plus her usuals, all went to Las Palmos. Wow. The whole losing your voice and regaining it thing doesn't always work well when you're laughing really hard. I've never heard anyone refer to effects of drinking as making their penis feel tingly, but that comment has totally changed my perception of drunkeness.

!!!Then it snowed, a lot! And Tate pushed me in the snow! What is it with me getting pushed in the snow, man?

!!!Then we totally hung out at Jones and I watched/semi-had-to-participate-in a game of Spin the Bottle. It was so close to pornography, I can't even explain. When it comes to spin-the-bottle kissing, Meghan pulled the fastest move on me ever. Whoa!

!!!Then Jess and I headed back to the dorm with another kid CC didn't know, but met! Alright!

!!!Then Jess, John and I bundled up and went out into the snow. We played in the hilly valleys outside Jones and went to the beach. I wrote my name really big. John wrote his nickname "Smells" right by mine! Aww! I love snow so much! (did I mention that it is cashmere?) We totally saw the Titanic sink in Lake Michigan too!

Tonight has created some conclusions for me...
1. I shouldn't judge people too quickly.
2. Some people will be hoes and others are future pornographic camera-men.
3. Spin the Bottle can desolve into drunken orgies.
4. John can be a lifeguard and save "Jskah"'s life whenever.
5. Whips aren't meant to be cracked in hallways.

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