Monday, March 29, 2004


It seemed unfair, I realized during dinner, to neglect to mention the fact that I got to see American Ballet Theater put on Swan Lake last night. It was, not surprisingly, gorgeous and made me remember how much I appreciate ballet and its under-valued difficulty. It made me wish I had rethought bringing up my ballet/tap shoes that morning. I had stared at them for about two minutes and decided the bags were getting too full to include them. Now I miss them.

It would also be unfair to neglect to mention the lovely El ride back to NU. Boldly defying my parents, I talked with a stranger on the El. He was full of all sorts of important information. He wore a blue and orange Chicago Bears sweatshirt, was slightly scruffy and unshaven, and was carrying a plastic grocery bag that seemed to be filled with classical CDs, or at the very least, their cases...

I now know interesting facts about The Passion that I did not notice before, which buildings survived the Chicago Fire (my mom would be so proud, our ancestors moved to Glen Ellyn/Naperville/Wheaton after the fire!).. How that really nice high school hasn't had a graduating class yet "but they will"... How the secretary of state is a "great" man who has "given lots of kids opportunities they never would have seen" and he runs a gymnastics team that has an academic requirement. The best restaurant in Chicago is at the Armitage stop... I also know that this guy's brother went to Northwestern and played in "The 1968 Bowl Game" when this gentleman was eight years old.. For your information, there is a French Club that meets in the city once a month and eats together while speaking in French; and while he is familiar with French, not really the language, his niece is fluent and received her degree in French at the Sorbonne. The nice gentleman also updated us if we didn't know, our school is staunchly conservative ("Maybe not the kids, but the school, oh, you can bet it is.") and told us the various combinations of El lines we could take back up to NU, in case we didn't know. He wished me luck figuring out my major. He may actually have helped more than he realizes.

I keep cutting at my hair with scissors in little bits. Is this strange?

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