Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Just when you thought this town was boring...

Don't open your mouth too soon, everyone. The excitement level for the summer picked up a few notches in one surprise swoop.

Today started as your usual day, with the exception of going out for a "last supper (ie: Chipotle lunch)" with Michael. I was awoken by my mom at 10:30, lounged in bed, got a call from Brandon at 11... you know... nothing spectacular that you want to read about.

But then...

As I was drying my hair in my bedroom, my parents come galavanting in, yelling something about a mystery being solved.

As my parents made me guess what the solved mystery is and I grabbed for my pink kimono to cover myself up (since they HAD just barged into my room unannounced and obviously hyped up), my dad waved around some plant leaf in his hand.

And thus, mystery solved indeed.


Growing in our backyard.

On our property.

For some reason, this was really exciting for me too, and I got up and bounced around my room, laughing. I really don't know why, doing that made a lot of sense at the time.

We all laughed as pieces of the bizarre neighbor puzzle came together.

Flashlights and whispering in our property line bushes at night...

Mysterious vehicles coming at the wee hours of the morning to our neighbor's house...

Loud raucous laughing, you know the laugh I mean, at seemingly nothing.

I should really clarify, though. This neighbor is actually my neighbor, Jerry's tenent. He lives in a smaller house on Jerry's property and takes care of the pool and yard and such. He's always been a little weird and the like.

He's the type who will yell things like "FUCK THIS BULLSHIT!!!!" at the top of his lungs in broad daylight. I think we all have a neighbor like that, or at least someone in close proximity. Or maybe we ARE that person...

Anyhaps, so in about the course of an hour, the police came and questioned my family and poked around the bushes and then went to our neighbor's to do whatever it is they do in these situations.

Seriously. Summer excitement level, increased from about a 2.3 to a 7.0 today.

I suppose if I really wanted to increase the level more, I would have picked some of the plant and have it hanging in my basement to dry right now, but I did not do that. So, summer excitement level will probably plateau back down to about a 4.0.

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