Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Holidays Keep Me Busy

Well, it’s been that kind of holiday season and I’ve been busy doing all sorts of “real life” things that keep me away from my blog, such as:

-making lots of truffles that I could not eat alone
-buying and wrapping and also unwrapping gifts
-watching some opera at the opera (Porgy and Bess at the Lyric)
-watching some ballet on the TV (Nutcracker on PBS)
-breaking a car’s door
-subsequently crawling through the passenger side and over the console in order to drive said car
-driving to and from Ohio
-getting lots of cat hair on my clothing
-attending the somethingth annual G. family Christmas mass held both at the Vatican and on our living room TV
-seeing friends for half-hour periods
-searching in vain for a don pablos
-celebrating my mom’s birthday
-traveling to Kentucky (kind of)
-saving my boss five hundred bucks
-planning a New Year’s Eve party
-subsequently canceling said party due to winning a night to a hotel party downtown and room at said hotel

For now, I’m off to that hotel to check in and hopefully get ready for a fun evening. Happy New Year’s to you all!

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