Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On Vacation

I'm leaving for Denver in five-ish hours. Ever been? Have some suggestions of what a girl who likes to be a local should do?

On the docket as of now is visiting with John's family and seeing his home, canoing, hiking, eating at the original Chipotle, picking up convention swag and then and avoiding the convention craziness as best I can.

Maybe I'll dine with Barack...

Anyway, I will hopefully be back soon with some pictures to prove that I was in the mountains!! Elevation sickness, here I come!

PICTURED: My mom, second from left, and her sibs, ready for their own family vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky you! I was in Denver a couple years ago for a conference and loved it! Unfortunately, I don't think we went many fun places aside from Coyote Ugly... which was stilly shiny-new but others I've been to have been slightly scary. Just don't ask for water.