Thursday, August 11, 2005

Likes: Toasters, porches, lavender honey, and tight hugs

I sleep with my down comforter on, in 90 degree night heat, with no air conditioning in my house.

I raid my mom's closet every break to see if my taste in clothing has changed enough that I can take more of her old clothes. I always do.

I used to dislike the smell of cigarettes. I got used to it in France. I still don't smoke.

There is this sponge that my aunt claimed can clean up any stain. When she demonstrated by writing an obscene word on my grandmother's white purse in a Bic pen, the sponge didn't work. She still gave me one anyway.

I write in four different journals.

I just made that last fact up. I don't feel like counting exactly how many journals I'm writing in right now. We'll say four.

I am going to Evanston tomorrow.

I enjoy getting lost and not knowing where I am going.

When I was little, I caught fireflies and kept count of how many I caught every summer. One night I caught 300. That summer I caught over 5000. In addition, I caught one wasp.

I assume I won't get married until I'm at least 29, and that I'm not having kids until I'm 32. I also assume I might not have kids at all if my career is more important at the time.

I've got more skeletons than you do. Promise.

I hate possum.I also hate things that have lots of scales/holes/visible veins/fleshy particles. God, those things are disgusting. (This includes, but is not limited to, sponges, honeycombs, fish flesh.)

Hell for me would be loneliness.

Today I realized that, for me, college is half-done, and the hometown that I thought would never be the town I came back to from college has been that town. This made me laugh while I was driving and the moment felt pretty cathartic. I don't know why.

I've had more dreams involving Aslan lately since I was eight. These dreams rock and often involve flying.

My cats and I play games that involve chasing each other around the house. I am as entertained as my cats are.

I have to sleep and stop thinking random thoughts, or I'll never be able to drive to Chicago tomorrow.

To sleep.

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