Thursday, July 21, 2005

Some Disconnected Thoughts

1. I haven't mentioned it, but I've had a cough since the second week here. I think I'm allergic to France.

2. I can't believe there was ever a point in time where I ran down Sherman Avenue with a boombox iPod with my friends at 6 am post-Dillo Day for Starbucks in the most perfect impression of a music video for "Amsterdam" that I've ever participated in.

3. I want to reconstruct the sentence structure of number 2, but I'm too tired to do that.

4. I saw a play in French today. It was slightly difficult to understand, but fun to schmooze with the actors afterward nonetheless.

5. I'm still reeling from HP6. I cried in front of a train full of French people today.

6. I could really go for some Graeter's Ice Cream. What will I ever do without the famous Cincinnati ice cream?

7. Immediate plans for August: work. go to Kentucky with Katie, preferably to mammoth cave. use up rest of GameZone points with Grant in Cincy. drive to Evanston for a weekend. work. more.

8. Do I just leave this antispyware scan running on my 27-year-old host dad's computer when I go up to bed?

9. I got my host family addicted to Arrested Development. The seed has been sown in France.

10. I'm lucky that my family is friends with my France-friends' families. We've so far had three dinner parties in the last week, mainly involving spaghetti, bread, lots of cheese and lots of wine... oh and lots of yogurt for dessert. One involved watching a French CSI-like drama that is all the rage here. I know I'M hooked.

11. Spring quarter, at times, involved me slamming my head against a wall.

12. I hate walls.

13. I love France. It cleared my head, or at least helped to.

14. Things I will about France?... Cheap wine... Beautiful skies and views... Roman ruins just being part of everyday life... Some of the girls here... Patisseries... Constant supplies of "oohhlahlahs!" and "mais nooooooooooon" and richly blown flabby lips and looks of exasperation... oh, and speaking French.

15. I probably will nod off during my photography lecture tomorrow...I mean, the development of the portrait is as interesting as the next thing, but still...

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