Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The Wind Will Carry Us

I fell in love with a movie that I didn't expect to. Abbas Kiarostami's The Wind Will Carry Us was definitely a pleasant surprise on an otherwise fairly ordinary Tuesday night. I felt inspired last night to leave everything and catch a flight to Tehran, to go anonymously into the night, and slip into the golden warmth of Iran, spotted with the color of its people.

in my small night, what mounting
wind has a rendezvous with the trees'
in my small night, there is terror
of desolation

listen! do you hear
the wind of darkness howling?
I watch breathless
-ly and wondrously this alien happiness
I am addicted to my own hopelessness
listen! listen well!
can you hear the darkness
howling? -- the dark hell
-wind scything
its way towards us?

in the night now, there is something
the moon is red restless and uneasy
and on this roof -- which fears
any moment
-- it may cave in --
clouds like crowds of mourners
await to break in rain
a moment
and then after that, nothing.
behind this window, night shivers
and the earth stands still
behind this window an unknown
something fears for me and you
O you who are green from head to toe!
put your hands
-- like a burning
memory into my loving hands --
lover's hands!
entrust your lips -- your lips
like a warm sense of being! --
entrust! -- your lips to the caresses of my
-- loving lips -- lover's lips!
the wind will carry us

--Foroogh Farrokhzaad (1935-1967)
the wind will carry us

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